Our Technology is Used To Clean the Most Critical Environments in the World
Pharmacy Products

More about the pharmacy products.

Tools that help achieve and maintain compliance with USP Chapter <797> regulations.

Critical Care Products

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Technologies for turnover and terminal cleaning and disinfecting critical areas.

Guide to Sterile Compounding

More about Sterile Compounding

Learn techniques for cleaning and disinfecting isolator and cleanroom to USP <797> Gui

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Why Contec?

Our goal is simple:  Improve cleaning procedures in critical areas with products engineered for healthcare. The latest contamination control technology from Contec will prevent infections, help reduce re-admission rates and improve HCAHPS Scores which ultimately will lead to more Medicare Reimbursement dollars. At the end of the day, it is about better outcomes, for everyone.


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We invite you to work with our specialists to improve your critical care cleaning process. We will assist you in selecting the Contec tools that best fit your application. But more importantly, we will help you design correct procedures that will improve your processes. To arrange an assessment and trial, or to learn more about Contec and our products, contact us today.

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