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Contec Healthcare is dedicated to being the leader in developing and manufacturing innovative cleaning products for use in critical applications.

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Personalized training specific to your cleanroom.

We will assist you in selecting the Contec Healthcare contamination control products and healthcare cleaning supplies that best fit your application, and we can assist you in designing correct procedures that will improve your process.

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Knowledgeable Representatives

With over 100+ total combined years of experience in supporting critical environments, our technical and sales representatives are great resources when reviewing facility protocols and the best products to meet these critical needs. Contec has developed industry-leading procedures that will help you maintain a state-of-control.

On-site Product Training and Education

Our knowledgeable technical and sales representatives are credentialed to perform the daily and monthly disinfecting tasks of cleaning and disinfecting critical environments. We can assist with the initial product training and annual competency training.

Products Tailored to Your Cleanroom

Contec Healthcare has developed a line of products that meet the specific needs of sterile compounding pharmacies. Our cleanroom wipes, mops, disinfectants and PPE are made to keep you compliant in an ever-changing world of regulations. Contec Healthcare’s technical and sales representatives can help you select the correct products for your protocol.

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