Contec Healthcare Education & Training:

We invite you to work with our trusted technical and sales representatives to improve the cleaning, decontaminating, and disinfecting processes in your sterile compounding pharmacy. We will assist you in selecting the Contec Healthcare contamination control products that best meet the needs of applicable regulations and your facility’s critical environments. More importantly, we will help you design and implement repeatable procedures that will improve your cleanroom cleaning processes. To arrange an assessment, an in-service trial, hands-on Contec Healthcare product training or to learn more about Contec Healthcare and our broad range of sterile compounding products, contact us today.

Knowledgeable Representatives

With over 100+ total combined years of experience in supporting critical environments, our technical and sales representatives are great resources when reviewing facility protocols and the best products to meet these critical needs. Contec has developed industry-leading procedures that will help you maintain a state-of-control.

On-site Contec Product Training and Cleaning Best Practices

Our knowledgeable technical and sales representatives are credentialed and able to work with staff on-site to determine the best tools to perform the daily tasks of cleaning and disinfecting critical environments. We can assist with the initial product training and annual competency training.

USP 797 and USP 800 Training and Compliance

Contec Healthcare has developed a line of products that meet the specific needs of Sterile Compounding Pharmacies. Our cleanroom wipes, mops, disinfectants and PPE are made to keep you compliant in an ever-changing world of regulations. Contec Healthcare’s technical and sales representatives can help you select the correct products for your protocol.

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