USP <800> and Hazardous Drug Decontamination: From Theory to Practice

Decontamination of hazardous drugs such as chemotherapy agents from surfaces in compounding areas is essential to reduce the risk of cross-contamination and occupational exposure.  In sterile compounding, effective disinfection of microbial contamination also is required.  The guidance in USP <800> provides a framework for complying with industry best practice.  However, there are several aspects of the guidance that still require additional considerations to implement best practices to reduce risk. This webinar is designed for compounding pharmacy professionals that are looking for best practices to comply with USP <800> regarding sterile compounding of hazardous drugs.


This fast-paced webinar will cover several products and processes to reduce hazardous drug residues from receipt to administration.  This will include comparisons among different decontamination agents and procedures and how to use results of wipe sampling to gauge performance.  The presentation will include a combination of scientific background and rationale with live demonstrations of key processes related to decontamination and tips, tricks, and caveats for sampling hazardous drug residues.


By attending you will:

  • Learn about best practices USP <800>
  • Discover and observe the use of products, tools and procedures that can reduce hazardous drug residues
  • Understand how results of wipe sampling can drive improved outcomes

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