Contec Healthcare is excited to announce the release of Contec Healthcare TB1-3300 Disinfectant

April 02, 2020

Spartanburg, SC – Contec Healthcare is excited to announce the release of Contec Healthcare TB1-3300 Disinfectant, an EPA-registered ready-to-use, one-step, intermediate cleaner/disinfectant for the most critical environments. TB1-3300 contains surfactants for cleaning efficiency, and is a one-step, 0.2 micron filtered blend of Quaternary Ammonium and Ethyl Alcohol and is available in non-sterile and validated sterile configurations. 

TB1-3300 has a 1-minute contact time against bacteria, viruses, fungi and TB. This short contact time ensures compliance with the required dwell time, thus saving cleaning and disinfecting time in life science, home infusion, healthcare and compounding facilities. TB1-3300 has excellent detergency and requires no pre-clean step prior to disinfection. 

TB1-3300 joins a robust line of Contec Healthcare’s cleaners and disinfectants ideal for critical environments including sterile and non-sterile surface sporicidal options.  

TB1-3300 is ideal for cleaning and disinfecting environmental surfaces in pharmacy cleanrooms and laboratory areas including isolators, Primary Engineering Controls (PECs), biosafety cabinets, equipment and other surfaces in sterile area. TB1-3300 is available in a 32 oz (0.9L) with push-pull caps and 1-gallon (3.8L) containers.

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