Contec Offers Advanced Cleaning Technology for Infusion Community at NHIA Exposition

March 27, 2014

For 25 years, Contec has been developing innovative products to meet the demanding standards of cleanroom environments in the pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, and microelectronics industries. Contec has been working with customers in the infusion market for several years developing strategies and procedures for complete and effective cleaning of compounding pharmacies.

At the NHIA Exposition, Contec representatives will be available in booth 613 to discuss Contec’s goal of improving cleaning procedures in critical areas with products and solutions engineered for specific applications. The latest contamination control technology from Contec will help reduce infection rates.

Contec has a wide range of products for cleaning, disinfecting and spill control. Products from sterile presaturated wipes, to single-use microfiber to bleach-free sporicidal disinfectants are engineered to meet the ever changing and increasingly sensitive needs of infusion and pharmacy cleanroom environments.

Specialists will be available at NHIA at booth 613 to discuss ways to improve your cleaning process. We will assist you in selecting the Contec tools that best fit your application. But more importantly, we will assist you in designing the correct procedures that will improve your processes.

To learn more about Contec Healthcare or to request a product trial, call +1-864.503.8333 or visit booth 613 at NHIA.

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