USP Chapter <797> Revised and Chapter <800> Released

June 05, 2019

USP 797 Revisions and USP 800 Released

On June 1st, the revised USP Chapter was released.  It has been 11 years since the last revision to USP was published.  This much-anticipated chapter will have a significant impact on how you clean and disinfect your Primary and Secondary Engineering Controls.  Contec Healthcare, a key business unit of Contec, Inc. and the industry leader in providing cleaning and disinfecting products to the Sterile Pharmaceutical Compounding market, is here to help you navigate these revisions. We are here to help with inservicing your staff on new protocols and best practices on the revisions to USP Chapters and the pending enforcement of USP Chapter 800.

“One of the keys to Contec’s success in this market has been our focus on training and inservice support to go along with our products,” said Michael Myers, Contec’s Clinical Support Manager. “The revision to not only impacts SOP’s for cleaning and disinfecting but it now requires annual competency education.  Contec is developing training resources and videos that will help DOP’s comply with these new regulations.”

Follow Contec Healthcare and stay tuned over the coming weeks for updates on how these revisions will impact your facility SOP’s for cleaning and disinfecting as well as training opportunities for your staff.

The new revision to was published on June 1st and will become enforceable on December 1st,, 2019.

USP Chapter was published in February of 2016 and will become enforceable on December 1st, 2019.    

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