Why Contec Healthcare for Clinical Care Cleaning Products?

Why indeed. As the global leader in critical cleaning products for the most technologically demanding manufacturing and life sciences environments worldwide, Contec tools, textiles and disinfectants can help elevate your healthcare facility’s game.

ORs, Sterile Processing, Procedure and Isolation Rooms all pose unique risks for patients and unique challenges for cleaning staff. Turnover cleans require speed. Terminal cleans require ergonomic flexibility. All critical environments require measureable, repeatable results.

Designed to be simple and efficient while delivering a superior clean, Contec Healthcare’s single use, disposable PREMIRA wipes and pads pose no risk of cross transmission, use far less water, energy and chemical to get surfaces clean and won’t neutralize disinfectants like relaundered microfiber, cotton and rayon mops.

See how Contec Healthcare Products can make compliance easier with simplified cleaning by watching this short video from our training library, or by paging through our Advanced Products for Superior Turnover and Terminal Cleaning catalog.  And say “goodbye” to the unpredictability of hospital laundries forever.

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