High Risk Critical Care Cleaning Products

High Risk/Isolation Patient Populations 

• Single-use Disposable Microfiber Wipes and Mops

Sporicidal Disinfectant and Cleaner

While care givers’ focus is on treating the patient with tuberculosis, c. difficile or MRSA, infection prevention and EVS want to be sure that whatever problem Patient A has in Room 302 doesn’t migrate over to anyone else in the hospital, whether they’re patients, employees or visitors.  That’s where Contec Healthcare cleaning products designed for healthcare settings can help.

Whether it’s Peridox, our hospital grade disinfectant with a 3 minute c. diff kill time or PREMIRA, our proprietary line of disposable microfiber pads and wipes, Contec Healthcare products are designed with the end result in mind – breaking the link between environmental surface contamination and employee and patient safety.

When it comes to cleaning and disinfection in High Risk environments, disposable PREMIRA pads and wipes just make more sense. And with its fast action against c diff and other organisms, combined with its excellent surface compatibility, Peridox Sporicidal Disinfectant and Cleaner is quickly becoming the disinfectant of choice in hospitals across the country.

To learn more about how Contec Healthcare's disposable microfiber and disinfectant can simplify cleaning in High Risk patient areas, contact a Contec Sales Representative today.

Patient populations include:

  • Direct/Indirect Contact
  • Droplet Transmission


  • Hospitals
  • Skilled Care Nursing Centers
  • Assisted Living Centers
  • Dialysis Clinics
  • Rehabilitation Hospitals/Centers

Tools needed:

Peridox Sporicidal Disinfectant and Cleaner 
PREMIRA II Microfiber Floor Pads
PREMIRA Advanced Microfiber Wipes 
Klean Max Terminal Wall and Floor Washing System
Sanotex Wipes
QuickTurn Mop

Group Purchasing Organizations

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