OR Terminal Cleaning Products

Critical Cleaning/Terminal Cleaning

A terminally clean OR. It’s the foundation for everything that your nurses, physicians and techs do during every procedure, every day. And yet it’s one of the least appreciated aspects of what happens in any hospital, surgery center and sterile processing area. Which begs the question, why has cleaning been made so complex without a corresponding improvement in results?

Contec Healthcare Products for healthcare build on our three-decades-long efforts to improve cleaning and disinfection. How? By listening to practitioners, to end users, who are looking for tools, textiles and chemistries that can deliver readily repeatable cleaning routines with quantifiably improved results.  

Disposable PREMIRA Pads and Wipes are simple to use, simple to manage and easy to implement, reducing weight (ergonomic benefits), water and energy (no more dependence upon laundry) without risk of cross transmission.

Contact a Contec Representative to learn how disposable PREMIRA Pads and Wipes together with Peridox Hospital Grade Disinfectant can simplify your cleaning processes.


  • Operating Rooms and Surgical Suites
  • Procedure Rooms
  • Cath Labs
  • Interventional Radiology
  • Endoscopy
  • Infusion Centers
  • Dialysis Centers
  • Plastic Surgery Centers
  • Oral Surgery Centers

Tools needed:  

PREMIRA II Microfiber Pads
PREMIRA High Sorbency Microfiber Pads
PREMIRA Advanced Microfiber Wipes
Sanotex Wipes
QuickTurn™ Mop
Klean Max™ Terminal Wall and Floor Washing System
PREMIRA HighDuster Covers
PREMIRA II Microfiber Hand Pads

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