Contec Adhesive Remover Scrub Towels
Contec Adhesive Remover Scrub Towels

Contec Adhesive Remover Scrub Towels

Residue from tapes, labels, sticky notes, and other adhesives on hard surfaces in healthcare environments make proper cleaning and disinfection difficult. These residues can create harbor points for microorganisms and contribute to potential cross-contamination. Contec Adhesive Remover Scrub Towels are a superior value cleaner and scrub wipe combination that feature a dual-textured polypropylene for deeper, faster cleaning.

Convenient and economical, Contec Adhesive Remover Scrub Towels have a clear canister with a resealable dispensing top. Each canister contains 72 large, saturated, heavy-duty scrub towels. The powerful formula does not contain any solvents, and is virtually VOC-free, making it environmentally-friendly. Effectively dissolves and captures adhesive and tape residues, grease, grime, oil, lubricants, and inks from properly coated, non-porous hard surfaces.*

*Not for use on skin or LED screens/monitors.

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  • Ideal for use on IV poles, bed rails, patient securing devices, washable counters, and other properly coated, non-porous hard surfaces

Part # Description Packaging SDS
HCPP0001 Contec Adhesive Remover Scrub Towels, textured polypropylene, 9 x 12" (23 x 30.5cm) 72 towels/canister, 6 canisters/case Request Sample

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