PREMIRA II Microfiber Pad
PREMIRA II Microfiber Pad
PREMIRA II Microfiber  Pad
PREMIRA II Microfiber Pad
PREMIRA II Microfiber Pad
PREMIRA II Microfiber Pad

PREMIRA® II Single Use Microfiber Pads

Single Use Microfiber Mopping System for Faster, More Effective OR Turnover

Reduce the risk of HAI’s and cross-contamination with Contec‘s revolutionary Premira® microfiber floor cleaning system. Patent-pending Premira® enables healthcare professionals to incorporate the cleaning benefits of advanced microfiber mop pads in a disposable microfiber system that maintains the cleanliness of the disinfecting solution. Premira® mopping system’s disposable microfiber pad gives the amazing performance of microfiber. Bleach-safe, the disposable mop pads are 100% synthetic and will not neutralize quat- or peroxide-based disinfectants.

Eliminate the contaminants that come into the OR with cotton and rayon mops, poorly laundered mops, and over-laundered microfiber mops which are no longer effective. The unique Premira® II Microfiber Pads are the only part of the system that needs to be replaced after each use - making the system more economical. 

Adapt your existing hardware to our Premira® II Microfiber Pad or use Contec's proprietary hardware and reservoir systems for improved function and ergonomic ease.

Literature: Contec Products for Turnover & Terminal Cleaning

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Data sheets: PREMIRA Products

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  • Designed for Operating Room Turnover
  • Ideal for applying disinfectants and other cleaning solutions to floors, PREMIRA is compatible with common hospital disinfectants
  • Reduce the risk of HAI’s and cross-contamination with single use pads

Part # Description Packaging SDS
HCPM2002 PREMIRA II Microfiber Pad, 5" x 18" 20/bundle, 10 bundles/case Request Sample
HCPM1001 PREMIRA Sorbent reservoir pad, 4" x 17" 32/case Request Sample
HCPH8002 PREMIRA Hygienic Backer Plate, 4" x 16" 4/bag, 6 bags/case
HCPH1001 QuickConnect mop head frame, 11.5", stainless steel 1/each
2745 Flat mop head frame, 16" (40cm), blue polypropylene 1 each/case
2725E QuickConnect handle, 60" (150cm), stainless steel, lightweight 1/case

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