HCPM2003 with HCPH8004 and HCPH1005
HCPM2003 with HCPH8004 and HCPH1005

PREMIRA® Tight Quarters Mop

Made from our advanced microfiber material, Premira® Tight Quarters Mop pads are conveniently sized for hard to clean, confined spaces. The 5 x 11.25" Premira® mop pads, when paired with Contec mop hardware, allow for easy, efficient and ergonomic cleaning and disinfecting. Designed to negotiate curves and corners found in patient bedrooms, labs, employee locker rooms, showers and other confined spaces, Premira® Tight Quarters Mop offers maximum cleaning power with a minimal footprint.

Synthetic and disposable, Premira® Tight Quarters Mop microfiber floor pad traps fine particles and larger debris, removing contamination from floors effortlessly. Compatible with the widest range of hospital grade disinfectants, Premira® Tight Quarters hospital mop pads provide uniform surface coverage on tile, wood, linoleum and other common healthcare flooring. A new pad for each application eliminates residual and microbial cross-contamination risks, unlike laundered mops, and the synthetic microfiber material will not interfere with disinfectant efficacy like cotton or rayon mops. A fresh, new, white pad for each use also improves patient, staff and guest perception of clinical processes.

Literature: Contec Products for Turnover & Terminal Cleaning

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Data sheets: Tight Quarters Mop

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  • Ideal size for easily manuevering around curves and corners found in patient bathrooms, labs, employee locker rooms, showers and other confined spaces

Part # Description Packaging SDS
HCPM2003 PREMIRA Tight Quarters Microfiber Pad, 5" x 11.25" 20/bundle, 15 bundles/case Request Sample
HCPH8004 PREMIRA Tight Quarters Hygienic Backer Plate, 4" x 9" 2/bag, 8 bags/case
HCPH1005 QuickConnect mop head frame, 7.5", stainless steel, use with HCPH8004 and 2686 1/each
2686 QuickConnect handle, 16", stainless steel, lightweight 1/each
HCPM3005 PREMIRA Tight Quarters High Sorbency Microfiber Pad, 5" x 11.25" 6/bag, 10 bags/case Request Sample

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