EasyReach™ Cleaning Tool

The EasyReach Cleaning Tool is designed to clean Primary Engineering Controls (PECs) such as Restricted Access Barrier Systems (RABS), Laminar Air Flow Systems (LAFS), Biological Safety Cabinets (BSC) and other mini environments. Made from lightweight stainless steel and approximately 16.5" (42cm) long, the single-piece stainless steel PEC cleaning tool is easily passed through transfer hatches, requires no assembly and is maintenance-free. The biosafety cabinet cleaning tool is designed to remain inside each PEC and the small loop at the end of the handle allows the tool to hang from the IV bar. Fully autoclavable and easy to use with one hand. The versatile low profile, 360° pivoting head ensures even the most difficult to reach areas can be easily cleaned and disinfected. EasyReach Cleaning Pads are available sterile and nonsterile.

Cleanroom laundered, validated sterile, single-use pads ensure no bioburden is added to the critical environment. Package sizes are optimized for single session use minimizing waste; double bagged.