Klean Max™ Wall Washing System

Designed for cleaning and applying disinfectants to both horizontal and vertical surfaces in pharmacy cleanrooms and other critical healthcare environments, lightweight Klean Max has a slim profile and is ideal for general cleaning of ceilings, walls and floors. The pivoting Klean Max frame makes it easy to clean around door and window frames as well as light fixtures and heavy equipment.

Intended for single-use, the 100% synthetic polyester mop head is designed to allow for the even application of disinfectants and cleaning solutions. The slightly textured ridged surface provides superior particle pick up and contamination removal.

Available in three lengths, 8.4” (21cm), 12.8” (32.4cm), and 15” (38cm), the larger Klean Max for pharmacy cleanroom wall washing is ideal for cleaning and disinfecting broad surfaces. The small and medium-sized (also available with a sealed edge). Ergonomic, lightweight adjustable handles are available in several lengths for maximum flexibility. All hardware is autoclavable.