QuicKlean™ Mopping System

Lightweight mop with disposable microfiber for USP and healthcare cleaning

Contec’s QuicKlean Mopping System with disposable microfiber is changing the level of clean for compounding pharmacies. The combination of the lightweight, easy to maneuver hardware and particle pick-up capacity of the  microfiber wipes deliver unprecedented performance. Compatible with a wide range of disinfectants, chemicals and solutions, the QuicKlean Mop with microfiber wipes offer users a lightweight option for cleaning and disinfecting floors, wall and ceilings.

The QuicKlean flat mop system has 3 basic components:
1) A durable plastic QuicKlean mophead frame;  2) a foam and abrasion-resistant knitted polyester mophead; and 3) disposable microfiber mop covers, which deliver the maximum amount of microfiber to pick-up and retain particles, dust and other contaminants
The cleanroom compatible QuicKlean foam mop head easily attaches to the polypropylene mop head frame. A disposable microfiber wipe is then wrapped around the mop head and secured to the frame.

To learn more about the Contec QuicKlean Mop and the advantages of disposable microfiber, watch our video:


Literature: QuicKlean Mopping Sysem

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  • Use at the beginning or end of each shift to clean pharmacy cleanroom floors
  • Ideal for disinfecting floors, walls and ceilings during weekly and monthly cleaning
  • Superior particle pick-up capacity
  • Meets all USP cleaning requirements
  • Designed for single use to eliminate cross contamination concerns  


Part # Description Packaging SDS
LWMM0400 QuicKlean <797> Kit- 2 bags of 50 microfiber wipes, (6) TASK0100 mop heads 1 kit/case
LWMM0300 Microfiber wipes, laundered, 10" x 18" (25 x 46cm) 100/bag, 4 bags/case Request Sample
TASK0100 QuicKlean foam mop head 4/bag, 8 bags/case Request Sample
2745 QuicKlean flat mop head frame, 16" (40cm), blue polypropylene 1/case
2725E QuickConnect handle, stainless, 60" (152 cm) 1/case
2769/67-KIT Two 5 gallon (20L) bucket system w/ casters and stainless steel flat wringer sieve 1/case

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