PREMIRA® Unit Dose Pig Cleaners

Designed for cleaning and applying disinfectant to the cylindrical insides of unit dose pigs, Premira Unit Dose Pig Cleaners from Contec are disposable, cleanroom laundered, and constructed of filament polyester yarn, which does not generate particles or neutralize disinfectants. The textured surface allows for a more effective clean. Cleanroom laundering and sealed edges reduce particulation—there is less opportunity for introducing contamination into the cleaning and disinfection process. The cleaners feature a looped end, which ensures even solution application. The conveniently-packaged Premira Unit Dose Pig Cleaners’ canister contains 60 cleaners and the compact size easily fits on work stations and carts.

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Part # Description Packaging SDS
HCPW7002 Premira Unit Dose Pig Cleaner Kit- 3 dowels, 180 cleaners, 3 canisters of Sanotex Wipes 1 kit/case
HCPW7001 Premira Unit Dose Pig Cleaners, refill pack 60 cleaners/bag, 3 bags/case Request Sample

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