Contec Critical Site Sterile Wipes
Contec Critical Site Sterile Wipes

Contec® Critical Site® Sterile Wipes

Contec Critical Site Sterile Wipes are 100% polyester 4" x 4" (10.2 x 10.2cm) wipes that contain 70% USP Grade Isopropanol and 30% USP Grade purified water. The low linting, nonwoven cleanroom pharmacy wipes are suitable for ISO Class 5 environments, are USP compliant, and are exceptionally clean making them ideal for the most critical applications. Manufactured in Contec's ISO registered facility, these mini IPA wipes are Validated Sterile per the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) 11137 Guidelines to a 10-6 Sterility Assurance Level (SAL). Sterility documentation is available upon request.

Presaturated Contec Critical Site Sterile Wipes create a repeatable, consistent technique that allows pharmacists and technicians to better control contamination during swabbing of critical entry points. These one-step sterile pharmacy wipes can be used in place of sterile individually wrapped alcohol prep wipes that require tearing of foil/paper pouches in the Primary Engineering Control (PEC) hoods. The low-profile peel and reseal cleanroom-compatible packaging provides both quick access and easy closure, and requires minimal space in the PEC. All components of Contec Critical Site Sterile Wipes are made in the USA.

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  • Ideal for use on smaller surfaces where precise application and sterility requirements are mandatory

Part # Description Packaging SDS
HCPS6044 Contec Critical Site Sterile Wipes, 4" x 4" (10.2 x 10.2cm) polyester nonwoven wipes, 70% IPA, sterile 60 wipes/pouch, 4 pouches/inner bag, 2 inner bags/outer bag, 3 outer bags/case; 1440 wipes/case

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