QuicKlean™ Mopping System

Contec’s QuicKlean Mopping System with disposable microfiber mops is changing the level of clean for compounding pharmacies. The combination of the lightweight, easy to maneuver hardware, and particle pick-up capacity of the microfiber wipes deliver unprecedented performance. Compatible with a wide range of disinfectants, chemicals and solutions. The QuicKlean Mop with microfiber wipes offers users a lightweight option for cleaning and disinfecting floors, wall and ceilings.

The QuicKlean flat mop system has 3 basic components: the frame, a foam knitted polyester mophead and disposable microfiber mop covers.

The cleanroom compatible QuicKlean foam mop head easily attaches to the polypropylene mop head frame. A disposable microfiber wipe is then wrapped around the mop head and secured to the frame.