Daily Cleaning of Cleanroom Pharmacy Counters and Easily Cleanable Work Surfaces

Minimum Frequency for Cleaning Pharmacy Counters & Work Surfaces: 


Recommended Contec Healthcare products:

Solutions Wipes
Contec Sterile 70% Alcohol PROSAT Sterile PS-911EB Presaturated IPA Wipes
PeridoxRTU Sporicidal Disinfectant and Cleaner SterileSorb Dry Wipes
PREempt RTU Disinfectant Solution Amplitude EcoCloth Dry Wipes
  Amplitude Kappa Sterile LE Wipes

What the USP 797 Guidelines say:

Table [3] on page 15 of the USP chapter recommends that work surfaces be cleaned daily. The chapter states, “Work surfaces in the ISO Class 7 (see Table 1) buffer areas and ISO Class 8 (see Table 1) ante-areas as well as segregated compounding areas shall be cleaned and disinfected at least daily.” And… “All cleaning materials, such as wipers, sponges, and mops, shall be nonshedding, preferably composed of synthetic micro fibers, and dedicated to use in the buffer or clean area, ante-area, and segregated compounding areas and shall not be removed from these areas except for disposal.”

Contec Healthcare Recommendations for Cleanroom Countertop Cleaning:

Always clean from top to bottom, and back to front. Use slightly overlapping strokes, not circular motions. Replace used wipes often. When disinfecting counters or other hard, non-porous surfaces, dwell time is critical. Follow directions on the label to ensure efficacy is achieved.  Always follow site protocols and SOPs.

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