Daily Pharmacy Cleanroom Floor Cleaning

Minimum Cleaning Frequency: Daily, when no aseptic operations are in progress

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What does USP say about Cleanroom Floors?

Table [3] on page 15 of the USP chapter requires that Floors be cleaned daily. The chapter states that “Floors in the buffer or clean area, ante-area, and segregated compounding area are cleaned by mopping with a cleaning and disinfecting agent once daily at a time when no aseptic operations are in progress.”

USP (page 16) also recommends that “All cleaning materials, such as wipers, sponges, and mops, shall be nonshedding, preferably composed of synthetic micro fibers” and “Ideally, all cleaning tools are discarded after one use by collection in suitable plastic bags and removed with minimal agitation.”

In selecting a disinfectant to use for floor cleaning, page 15 of USP states, “When the surface to be disinfected has heavy soiling, a cleaning step is recommended prior to the application of the disinfectant.” And… “Many disinfectants registered by the EPA are one-step disinfectants. This means that the disinfectant has been formulated to be effective in the presence of light to moderate soiling.”

USP [page 16} states that all “…wipers, sponges and mops…should be dedicated to use only in the buffer or clean area, ante area and segregated compounding areas and shall not be removed from these areas except for disposal.” In other words, your mops and cleanroom floor cleaning supplies must be stored and remain the clean area.

Contec Healthcare Recommendations for Cleanroom Floor Cleaning:

For best results, begin at the farthest corner of the room and mop backward toward the door. Use slightly overlapping strokes, ensuring complete coverage. Disinfectant dwell time is critical. Remember that mops and cleaning supplies should be dedicated to the cleanroom floors and stored in an appropriate clean area.

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