Monthly Cleaning of Pharmacy Cleanroom Ceilings & Walls

Minumum Frequency for Cleanroom Wall Disinfecting: Monthly

Mops Solutions
QuicKlean Mop PeridoxRTU Sporicidal Disinfectant and Cleaner
Klean Max Mop PREempt RTU Disinfectant Solution
EasyCurve Mop  

What does USP say?

Table [3] on page 15 of the USP chapter requires that Cleanroom Walls, Cleanroom Ceilings, and Storage Shelving be cleaned monthly. The text on page 16 of the chapter states, “In the buffer or clean area, ante-area, and segregated compounding area, walls, ceilings, and shelving shall be cleaned and disinfected monthly.”

Contec Healthcare Recommendations for Cleanroom Wall & Ceiling Cleaning:

Always clean from top to bottom. Start with the ceilings, then walls, using slightly overlapping strokes to ensure complete coverage with the disinfectant. Next clean shelves, then floors. Always follow site protocols and SOPs

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