About USP <800>

The proposed chapter of USP <800> specifically addresses the handling of compounded Hazardous Drugs (HDs*) in healthcare settings. The proposed chapter of USP is intended “to protect personnel and the environment when handling HDs. This includes but is not limited to receipt, storage, mixing, preparing, compounding, dispensing, administering, disposing, and otherwise altering, counting, crushing, or pouring HDs, and includes both sterile and nonsterile products and preparations.”

Understanding the definitions, best practices, and ideal consumables for specific applications are key to meeting proposed guidelines. Contec is committed to providing quality, data, and research-driven consumables for sterile compounding areas, but more importantly, we are helping to protect employees and patients from unnecessary risks during HD Compounding.

*A list of HDs can be found referenced in the new NIOSH List of Antineoplastic and Other Hazardous Drugs in Healthcare Settings, 2014.

Deactivating, Decontaminating, Cleaning and Disinfecting

What does USP <800>1 say?

Page 7730 Section 15: Deactivating, Decontaminating, Cleaning and Disinfecting

All areas where HDs are handled and all reusable equipment devices must be deactivated, decontaminated, and cleaned. Additionally, sterile compounding areas and devices must subsequently be disinfected.

Agents used for deactivation, decontamination, and cleaning should be applied through the use of wipes wetted with appropriate solution and not delivered by a spray bottle to avoid spreading HD residue.

PDF - USP Compliant Cleaning Procedures for Hazardous Drugs and Contec® Product Solutions

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