Page 7730 Section 15: Cleaning Steps

See Table 5: Cleaning Steps from page 7730 and corresponding Contec Product Solution below.


Cleaning Step: Render compound inert or inactive

Purpose: As listed in the HD labeling or other agents which may incorporate Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registered oxidizers (e.g., peroxide formulations, sodium hypochlorite etc.)

Contec® Product Solution: PeridoxRTU® is an EPA-registered product that is a disinfectant and cleaner



Cleaning Step: Remove HD residue

Purpose: Materials that have been validated to be effective for HD decontamination, or through the use of other materials proven to be effective through testing, which may include alcohol, water, peroxide, or sodium hypochlorite

Contec® Product Solution: Contec's protocol for hazardous drugs has been validated by independent third party testing2



Cleaning Step: Remove organic and inorganic materials

Purpose: Germicidal detergent

Contec® Product Solution: PeridoxRTU meets the definition of a germicidal detergent


Disinfection (for sterile manipulations)

Cleaning Step: Destroy microorganisms

Purpose: EPA-registered disinfectant and/or sterile
alcohol as appropriate for use

Contec® Product Solution: PeridoxRTU is an EPA-registered disinfectant

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